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Business Management

Deep Dive: Better dealmaking through data

“Savvy sponsors are increasingly using data science to improve outcomes – from deal origination to due diligence and value creation. …Users had started sharing stories …

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Green Technology

How to reduce the carbon footprint of AI?

“Can artificial intelligence be deployed to slow down global warming, or is AI one of the greatest climate sinners ever? That is the interesting debate …

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Investments & Social Finance

Finance enters the brave new world of Robotic Process Automation

“…Finance and accounting (F&A) comprise mundane tasks highly suited for automation. Gartner cites that 89 per cent of general accounting operations and 72 per cent …

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Investments & Social Finance

How a financial company uses AI to approve auto loans

“The technology extracts data points from loan documents and compares them with numerous databases to confirm identity, employment, income and other vital information.” Ally Financial …

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

The EU AI Act Will Have Global Impact, but a Limited Brussels Effect

The European Union’s (EU) AI Act (AIA) aspires to establish the first comprehensive regulatory scheme for artificial intelligence, but its impact will not stop at …

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Crypto, Blockchain & NFTs

Blockchain’s potential: How AI can change the decentralized ledger

Artificial intelligence’s transformative power in relation to blockchain technology is being severely overlooked, say experts. One reason is that blockchain’s use of a decentralized ledger offers insight …

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Sociopolitical Decision System

Artificial Intelligence is Already Upending Geopolitics

The TechCrunch Global Affairs Project examines the increasingly intertwined relationship between the tech sector and global politics. Geopolitical actors have always used technology to further …

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Business Management

Early Results On Artificial Intelligence For Business: So Far, So Good

It’s too early to tell if artificial intelligence (AI) will deliver on all the hype and promises around it. But in the meantime, the results …

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Security and Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence and Security: What You Should Know

Next-generation AI products learn proactively and identify changes in the networks, users, and databases using “data drift” to adapt to specific threats as they evolve. …

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Talent Management & Education

Artificial Intelligence Tools to Detect Burnout

As businesses and individuals bear the increasing burden of mounting costs and rising inflation, burnout at work is a very real concern that many will …

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Market Insights

Why AI Customer Journeys Need More Friction

Friction isn’t always a bad thing, especially when companies are looking for responsible ways to use AI. The trick is learning to differentiate good friction …

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Talent Management & Education

Feedback Can Improve Employee Performance-but the Source Is Just as Important as the Advice Accurate

Accurate, relevant, specific feedback improved performance by over 12 percent, at least until those employees were told the feedback was generated through A.I. Imagine you …

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