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Healthcare and Well-Being

Researchers Use Artificial Intelligence to Determine Extent of Damage in Kidney Disease

“Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have developed a novel artificial intelligence (AI) tool to predict the grade of interstitial fibrosis and tubular …

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

A Company Applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Simplify Expense Auditing

“Planned to launch in the third quarter of 2021, Verify can evaluate 100% of a company’s expense reports and identifies anomalies, allowing company auditors to …

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Healthcare and Well-Being

AI predicts how patients with viral infection will fare

“A team of researchers has used an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to sift through terabytes of gene expression data to look for shared patterns in …

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Market Insights

India sees surge in AI-enabled automated customer service agents

“Automated customer service agents became the top Artificial Intelligence (AI) use case for the Indian organisations in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic kept millions at …

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Healthcare and Well-Being

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Intel’s AI tool screens patients for vision loss

“In a country such as India that has a low doctor-patient ratio, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enable greater access to expert care from anywhere, with …

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Security and Surveillance

Facebook Strengthens AI To Improve Detection Effect Of Harassment And Hate Speech

“Facebook updated its Community Standards Implementation Report. The latter showed the effectiveness of Facebook’s battle against harassment and hate speech in the fourth quarter of …

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Security and Surveillance

Facial Recognition Tech Banned for Cops

“THE LOS ANGELES Police Department (LAPD) banned the use of commercial facial recognition apps in November after BuzzFeedNews reported that more than 25 LAPD employees …

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Green Technology

Scientists seek to Combating Climate Change using AI and Historical Ocean Data

“A dozen scientists from Tara Océan have sailed off the coast of Lorient, France bound for national soil under the the mission “Microbiome-Ceodos” to collect …

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