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Our Story

AIV50 is the result of a US$30M seed investment made in the past 15 years to build and develop AI systems, by VSC Portfolio Investments and recently, together with its AI accelerator and venture builder partner, MyFinB Group.

These projects are subsequently commercialised at various stages and formed part of the portfolio of assets under a special purpose tech company called AIV50 with joint parentage by MFB and VSCPI. These 50 AI assets, under the ambit of AIV50 are individually earmarked for M&A-driven growth in the next five years and poised for their own respective public listing journey.

Prof M Nazri

Founder, Group Chairman & Advisor

AIV50 is specially created to grow organizations at a speed they’ve never experienced before – to deliver results they’ve never seen before.

We’ve made it possible with Artificial Intelligence (AI).