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Source: ARC Group’s Official Event Poster

: Conventional Businesses Can Be Boosted with AI Assets for Higher Valuation and Business Impact, Leading to Potential Listing in NASDAQ under 12 months

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 14 May 2024 Prof M Nazri, Founding Chairman of AI Venture Portfolio (, an AI-focused venture investment group, will join a distinguished panel at the Capital Markets & M&A Forum on May 15, 2024, at EQ Hotel. Prof Nazri will discuss pre-IPO financing, M&A strategies for NASDAQ listings, and the use of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and AI assets to facilitate reverse takeovers of NASDAQ companies.

“Understanding the intricacies of pre-IPO financing is crucial for companies aiming for a successful NASDAQ listing,” said Prof Nazri. “AI Venture Portfolio is dedicated to guiding companies through these complexities, leveraging AI-driven insights to drive strategic growth and innovation.”

AI Venture Portfolio specializes in early-stage investments in AI technologies, providing strategic guidance and funding to promising startups. A key strategy involves using SPVs and AI assets, combined with cash reserves, to execute reverse takeovers of NASDAQ-listed companies. This innovative approach helps traditional businesses enhance their market value and operational efficiency by integrating advanced AI capabilities.

Prof Nazri’s insights will be invaluable for companies navigating the challenging landscape of capital markets and M&A, particularly those looking to capitalize on AI advancements for substantial growth.


The Capital Markets and M&A Forum 2024: Malaysia Edition convenes the nation’s most esteemed financial professionals, fostering connections and driving deal flow. Join us as we explore the pulse of the Malaysian market, delve into regional dynamics, and unlock promising opportunities for growth. Find out how the use of AI-based Digital Assets can boost the valuation of conventional businesses in any sector and how any business can own their AI subsidiaries through a special venture building program—leading to a potential listing on NASDAQ under a special, accelerated approach.


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About ARC Group

Established in 2015, ARC Group is a full-service financial institution deeply rooted in Asia with global reach. We are the global leaders in SPAC and IPO advisory. ARC is currently ranked in first place globally as advisor to SPAC business combinations by both number of transactions and by transactional value in 2022, according to Spac Insider.

About AIV50

AIV50 is part of a joint venture project betweeen MyFinB Group and VSC Portfolio Holdings, a Singapore-based venture building and AI accelerator company that specializes in developing and commercializing AI technologies across 10 verticals. Our proprietary Generative AI technology stems from our expertise in Natural Language Generation and Understanding, that is able to generate predictive and prescriptive narratives to aid in decision making processes.

About Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI)

Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) Global is a leading global company that was established in 2019 with dual-headquarters in Singapore and Malaysia. The company has established strategic partnerships with organizations in more than 20 countries worldwide. The purpose of CEAI Global is to promote inclusivity in knowledge, education, adoption, creation, venturing into AI investments and implementation of AI solutions.

The main goal of CEAI Global is to provide a platform for individuals and organizations to learn, engage and develop skills related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The company aims to target 95% of the workforce who are not skilled in AI and ML and non-technical personnel.

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