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AIV50 launches premium club to attract individuals

Singapore, 20 July 2022 – AI is already changing the world with the high availability of data and with its effective use for automation and globalization. Moreover, the world is doing things faster, at lower costs while increasing revenues with the help of AI, delivering real tangible business value. The world is indeed moving rapidly towards converting huge amount of data into valuable insights for key decision making processes. In view of this, AIV50, the M&A and ventures arm of MyFinB Group is soft-launching an opportunity for individuals who wish to be part of an exclusive, global membership where they get to rapidly use, build or venture into AI with limited costs and risks.

The AI Premium Membership contains benefits such as:

1. Have access to our premium AI contents and discounted courses offered only to our AI Premium Members

2. Opportunity to be the first few to fractionally invest from your membership points into our AI companies and ventures across 10 verticals aligned to SDG17 Goals.

3. Access to credits to purchase existing AI generated reports based on the AI solutions of your choice

More details can be obtained by writing to to find out more about the special benefits accorded during the soft launch phase.

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