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Shanker Damodaran

VP, Communications & Contents

  • Shanker Damodaran is primarily responsible for the Group’s executive communications, media and investor relations, issues and crisis management, community relations and philanthropy, events management as well as corporate communications functions such as:
  • Message creation and alignment
  • Reputation management
  • Corporate social responsibility/ESG
  • Leadership on purpose, vision, values, and culture
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Thought leadership
  • Strategic consulting and planning
  • Data analysis and operationalization
  • Customer satisfaction and Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)
  • Trade and Investments: build a cost-effective business expansion and relocation strategy.
  • Licensing and Outsourcing: partner search, joint venturing and technology plug-ins-also by-passing entry barriers such as: culture, language and state specific requirements in India.
  • His expertise also lies in cross-cultural communication and trans-cultural risk mitigation; helping organizations grow through a variety of virtual services serving clients in hundreds of locations, helping executives grow their businesses through trade and Investments and international licensing and outsourcing.